Hypertension: Are you a hypertensive patient? Find out in which position you will be healthy if you sleep at night

Hypertension: Experts say that this type of problem sleeps in a certain position


In case of hypertensive patients, sleep at night is essential If you do not sleep properly at night, blood pressure may rise Experts say that this type of problem sleeps in a certain position

According to experts, people with high blood pressure should sleep on the left side at night This is because the extra load on the vascular system is removed As a result, blood flow in the body is not disrupted

Blood vessels may be obstructed when patients with hypertension turn to the right and sleep. As a result, the speed of blood flow slows down


In order to get a good night's sleep, you have to look for something else First you have to choose the right mattress No mattress that is too hard or too soft can be used

If you sleep well at night, the fatigue of the whole day will be removed Workforce 6 will be stored for the next day


You should eat light food before going to bed at night In order to facilitate digestion Keep yourself away from electronic gadgets for a while before going to bed

Not mobile phone or laptop Book 8 with your partner before going to bed at night Bathing in lukewarm water before going to bed is also comfortable

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